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    From personal training on the beach, to group fitness classes for just you and your friends, to 24 hour gym access. Whatever you are looking for we have what you need to get and stay fit.

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    Health and Lifestyle

    We want you to succeed! That's why we are here to answer your questions and help you with lifestyle choices that can support your goals.

24/7 Membership

24/7 Membership

Safe. Secure. Convenient. A gym that knows you are busy and want to stay healthy too.

Personal Training

Personal Training

Encouragement. Motivation. Education. Stay positive, on track to your goals and learn safe and effective ways to go past what you thought was possible.

Nutritional Counseling

Nutritional Counseling

Schedules, allergies and will power can make menu planning a hassle. Our nutrition coaches can simplify the process and accelerate your changes.

Full Service Cardio

Full Service Cardio

A full cardio room with treadmills and ellipticals. Enjoy your workout with plasma TVs or audio sytem.






Local. Healthy. Lifestyle.

Where the trainer knows your name

At Old Village Gym, we live where you live. We know how easy it can be to just get “too busy” to get to the gym. So we’ve made it easy to integrate healthy living into your lifestyle. With 24/7 Access, nutritional coaching and personal training, we have all you need, right around the corner.

Inside, Outside or with Friends

Inside, Outside or with Friends

The trainers at Old Village Gym make it easy to find the best way to help you stay on track and motivated to stay active and healthy. Find out the ways that they can help you.

Stop the broken record

Stop the broken record

You CAN make a change and stop that defeating voice playing in your head. Let Rob Short and the trainers at Old Village Gym help! Hear what others are saying about the changes they've made.

Now is the Time

Now is the Time

Start making changes today. Make yourself a priority. Learn about the ways that Old Village Gym makes it easy for you to incorporate workouts and training into your lifestyle.

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We believe in providing a friendly, motivating atmosphere where you can achieve your fitness goals.

We don’t do yoga and we’re definitely not CrossFit.

We are a close-knit fitness community.

We are dedicated to functional training, customized programs and great workouts.


Your Neighborhood Trainer

Rob co-founded the Old Village Gym in Mt. Pleasant with the goal of creating a fun and exciting atmosphere where he could make a positive impact on people’s lives. His intuitive approach to training and genuine desire to see his client’s reach their personal best has made for a successful 20 year run in Charleston’s fitness Industry.


Christine Varnado

Attorney / Seibels Law Firm

Rob is fantastic to work with! He clearly has an extensive knowledge of body mechanics and custom designs the right workout based on the individual abilities of his clients. His never-ending pleasant and positive attitude instills confidence and encourages you to want to work harder. I actually look forward to my training sessions! I have an unpredictable schedule and he has been very flexible and accommodating, which has really helped me to work toward my goals. I also appreciate how clean the gym is and what a comfortable setting it presents.

Mr. Kim Richardson

Pharmacist/Owner / Pitt Street Pharmacy

I have been training with Rob at Old Village Gym for nearly four years now. I have become addicted to my workouts with Rob simply because my health and fitness is one of the most important things I can do for myself, my family and my business. Old Village Gym is the perfect fit for me.

Marianna Michaels-Berryhill

Owner / Red Drum Gastropub

I am very happy to have found Old Village Gym. This small, quality gym is supportive of my needs like no other. The Old Village location is so convenient and pleasant, the space is immaculate and well-equipped, and the membership is the best in town. I have been fortunate to train with owner Rob Short for 2 years now, and at the age of 47, I am stronger, healthier and happier than ever. By far it is the best money and time I spend on myself. Thank you Old Village Gym.

Tanya Fitzgerald

“Robs talent of training expertise is demonstrated throughout his diversity, knowledge and skills. I have been a client of Rob’s for three years and train two days a week with my mother. He is able to positively affect each of our body types while maximizing our delegated workout routine. I would highly recommend Rob and his facility to anyone seeking wellness success!”

Mr. Kim Richardson

Pharmacist/Owner / Pitt Street Pharmacy

With Rob's exercise and nutrition guidance, I have lost 25 pounds of fat, and put on lean muscle. I can honestly say that at age 60, I am in better shape than when I was 30! The great aspect to Rob's training method is variety. I've worked out with him three days a week for nearly four years, and we have NEVER done the same workout routine over that entire period!

Sandra L. Gary

/ Baird Private Wealth Management

"Through Rob’s guidance and instruction, (and a hefty serving of self-discipline), I have the results that I didn’t think I would ever attain - the results so many people want and get so frustrated from not achieving. Rob is the catalyst to my continued success and will remain an integral part of my weekly routine.”

Reese Daniel

"Rob is a true professional and knows his craft better than anyone I have come across!”

Derrick Niederman

Former National Squash Champion

“When I arrive healthy, Rob prepares me for tournament play. And when I arrive after the tournament, he puts me back together.”

Donna Thorne

“I wouldn't go anywhere else! I never thought working out could be so much fun. Rob is not only a great trainer, he's also hilarious. He makes me work hard and he makes me laugh! After previously belonging to a mega-gym, I really enjoy the neighborhood atmosphere of the Old Village Gym.”

Rory and Judy Brown

“Rob Short runs a professional and friendly gym in the heart of Old Village. He has a wide range of cardio and strength equipment. His knowledge of sport specific strengthening and post injury recovery is impressive and encouraging.”

Sandra L. Gary

/ Baird Financial Wealth Management

“After years of trendy diets and lackluster exercise producing no results, I finally stopped wasting my time and got serious. Rob was working at the gym I joined, so our meeting was by chance. It has been by choice that I have stayed with him for 10+ years. He put me on the path of clean eating and result oriented exercise. It’s hard to maintain both of these as a lifelong commitment, but through Rob’s guidance and instruction, (and a hefty serving of self-discipline), I have the results that I didn’t think I would ever attain - the results so many people want and get so frustrated from not achieving. Rob is the catalyst to my continued success and will remain an integral part of my weekly routine.”

Reese Daniel

“I love Old Village Gym. The size it’s perfect. Rob does a great job of capping the number of members he has to avoid overcrowding. I also love the convenience of the 24 hour key entry so that you can workout around your own schedule and not the gym’s."

Mildred D. Kitchell, CPWA

“Rob is my coach. He makes me practice and focus on the things I need to do if I want to stay healthy. The gym is clean, well laid out and the hours are flexible. I appreciate his sense of humor, his professionalism and patience. His singing is a little off key, but the wide variety of music makes the workout pass quickly. Old Village Gym is great place to get in shape”

Vince Graham

“Beyond his remarkable ability to provide answers to any question you'd ever have about music and sports, Rob is a professional who cares. His is a holistic approach combining a sincere interest in diet and exercise to advance one's overall health and fitness level. Rob knows the right balance of pushing my physical limits while keeping workouts interesting and enjoyable”

Gedney M. Howe, III, Esquire

“Robert is a great personal trainer. Working with him has improved my health and energy level”

Malcolm Crosland, Jr., Esquire

“Having used trainers at various " big box" gyms in the Charleston area I can confirm that bigger isn't better when it comes to hiring a trainer. The personal attention and customized workout Rob Short provides far exceeds what can be provided by other trainers. Rob's vast wealth of fitness and training knowledge assures you will meet your personal goals and do so in a safe environment "

Ted Strauss DMD, MD

“One of the best things about the gym besides location is its warm and inviting environment. It's a place for normal people to work out, you always feel comfortable there. It's not a place where anyone would feel intimidated by meatheads (other than Rob;)). The other great thing about it is Rob Short, my personal trainer and the owner. He is a friendly, caring guy who works with us individually and is extremely accommodating to each person’s needs and schedule”